Sunday, 23 December 2012

Igoni & Miss K, Love is in the Air

Igoni Archibong & Miss K
Nollywood Lead Actor Igoni Archibong from the latest Nigerian Movie "TURNING POINT",
is now getting the "HOTS" for UK, Sexy Caribbean Songstress /Plus size Model : Miss-k.
After signing her Paper dress at the Movie's premiere,on the 12.12.12, it is now reported that a couple of days ago
the Actor made an attempt to get Miss-K's attention, by publicly hailing her on his own Blackberry Messenger Status 

where he wrote  "Miss-k a Girl That Makes You Go Oohhhhh"
Miss-k seem to be really pleased with his gesture, as she flirted back by posting the following on her blog :

"I Had a smile on my face when i saw this, it's so sweet of him to think that of "moi"....Glad to know i make him "Go Ooohhh".
Maybe i should return the compliment by making this a hell of a Turning Point..ha ha ha ..Cause his smile sure makes me "Go Woaaahhh "

Is this, Igoni's flirtatious attempt to get Miss-k's attention or is Love in the Air for this Festive season ???

We wonder !

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