Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Blogger Ladun the Heart of gold, Remembers the poor at Christmass

Ladun Liadi of the most controversial media online media platform revealed her philanthropic passion by distributing food for the poor. Whao!

She has been invited on several occasions as a key speaker at various events. She has also been a subject of discussion on several Television Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers and online programs. 

She has hosted various celebrities in the past ranging from entertainers, politicians and philanthropists in the society.

Her passion and love for the less privileged in the society, the neglect of the aged, widows and children, the inability of Government to care for the poor and the general breakdown of the care system in the country accounts for part of the reason why she has decided to take up this challenge.

She is probably the most hated of all Bloggers for her wired style and no holds barred system of journalism. Her kindness was expressed as she visited a Village called “ALAPAKO Village” and was found with ordinary people in a humble style distributing rice to those abandoned by most of us

Thank You Ladun This Blogger is on your Tail


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