Monday, 14 January 2013

Ene Lawani prefers Car gift to Marriage

I have to thank Stella of for this pictures, whoever gave them out, Thank you. You know how how secrets can be kept for so long,until they are out. the longest serving Miss Nigeria, who would have thought they are still together. Now we know. Ene Lawani has been dating Polo boss John Obayuwana for the past 7yrs and although so far NO marraige has not been mentioned,John has been spoiling Ene silly.
After a shopping spree in Europe recently,he surpised her with a brand new BMW 5series as birthday gift.

I will have Marriage first before a car. Just imagine a car without Sex.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Guess who is Pregnant

 Kim K is heavy and in her usual stylish way, there is OBVIOUSLY something different about her NOW for those who can see.............

Strange Calender

A strange 2013 Calender greeting. Doesn't this look like a deliverance case? even the fact that water was consulted, some church will say it is.................Fill in the blank space.........

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Obafemi Martins impregnates Mario Balotelli's sister

Obafemi Martins and Abigail Barwuah

Obafemi Martins AKA Obagoal is fragmented amongst three women, that serves them well right? He must have paid their dues, since we all know what ladies are out to get in any relationship. The real Name of his first wife is,…………………. Don’t let me expose him, but the Italian Lady has a Baby for Obafemi Martins, the second Lady was his white girlfriend in UK, they were living together and You know how these things end, the result was a Bouncing baby …………………… 

Bisi Komolafe, family accused fiancee

Bisi Komolafe who died at an Hospital in Ibadan was said to be dating one Ijaodola, it may not be a good time for the man as the Family members of late Bisi has accused him of murdering the actress to inherit some of her belongings. members of Bisi's family are not happy with her fiancee, Ijaodola. they suspect that he deliberately killed her.

Tiwas Savage marries secretly

Tiwa, How in the world will you do a backyard wedding with your manager? Abi have you been doing back side styles?

There has been rumors on social media that Tiwa Savage secretly married her manager, such things only happen when Pregiiiiiiiiiii is involved. Never mind, she will confirm later. But Just stay with the news that a secret Marriage hapended.

Halle Berry bares it all

Halle Berry, Showing all the something. Let us see who will wear this in Naija