Friday, 28 December 2012

Approved dress code for muslim's female NYSC

Until we understand the word diversity, we will always be fighting in this country for no reason. and who said they want to go for NYSC, they just have been coerced by the "law".
I respect them for being true to what they believe despite all odds in the world and I wonder how many of us do believe in anything to this level-that we will stand odd out of the crowd



  1. LOL that's the mentality.
    Islamic societies are still living in the sand ages.
    They need to separate their religious ideology from their law. That's something that Christianity has done. That's why people like me can live freely, of my own decisions. Imagine if things had not changed, a "jury" of old useless hags with slippers bosoms would prolly hang me for showing my sexy cleavage.

  2. This is rubbish of the highest order. If your religion doesn't permit you to open ur face, then to serve is not by force. Do u wan to tell me these marsqurades are truly who they are? Can they stand in front of the class and teach with that boko haram uniform? Pls remove ur veil

  3. have long understand Nigerian Christians to be extremists - don't get me wrong. I do not mean they are extremists because of their attachment to their faith (Christianity), I mean in their overzealous desperation to be " civilize". Now that is the problem. The dilemma between what is civilize and christian values. Because Muslims do not have that dilemma, Islam have became their nightmare.

    if not, how can you answer the question: Why is Mary always depicted as a woman covering her head? Why did Paul who by the way is the real founder of Christianity having written more than half books of the new testament said that women who do not cover their heads must be shaved?

    You people are so blinded with the sickness of 'civilized' that you do not care that your mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters walk half Unclad showing all these parts of the woman that draws men attention to her to the extent that you frown at women who obey their religious teaching and come out of their homes in moderate cloths. Are you really that sick? And you said you are actually waiting for Jesus? Have you people really taken a critical look at yourselves? Do you really believe in this Christianity as the way to save your souls. Really? Really? Really?

  4. And a christian brother wants another man to stare at his wife?
    What did your God say about not looking at a woman with "that" eyes?
    Pluck your eyes o.
    Weren't women in the Christian societies covered up back in the days?
    Christianity isn't as harsh as before because of the increasing numbers of atheism.
    A blessing and pivotal change in American society was the separation of the Church from the Law.

  5. If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a Veil on all her pictures, how can you ask me to sign on a Hijab ban law?’- Roberto Maroni, Italian minister
    . They might be very few, but they are usually in all batches in most states. You don't notice them because they are usually exempted from the orientation camp. That is the constitutional provision for them. If they are allowed in Government Institutions, why won't they be allowed to serve? Don't know how they have offended any of you. Please let's learn to respect and tolerate one another. Am sure there is also a lost culture similar to this in your religion. Call them whatever you like, Masquerades, Illiterate, stone age people, ojuju calabar, terrorist, Halloween, Fanatics etc. Those before them were called worse. They are no fanatics. Three hearty cheers to those women of honour.