Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dana Air strategically used "Masket Mouth" for a Come-back

The controversy that trailed Dana Air is far from being over, although the Air Carrier started their come back with a lot of jamboree, the deaths of over 150 Nigerians in June crash is yet to heal in the minds of the families of victims, this time celebrities were invited to kick off flight operations.

 Comedian “Basket mouth” was the choice of Dana to stage a comeback. The decision was greeted with a lot of criticism by Fans who accused the star comedian of collecting huge sum to represent what they called a Killer Air Plane.

Many online responders believed that the comedians have just displayed a heartless stance and that the emotional and psychological trauma that those families that lost their loved ones will pass through meant nothing to them, they said a fanfare  and smiling was just not a good way of showing empathy for the victims   Claiming, that the comedian are reaping from the tragedy that befell the death victims. John Okpocha aka Basket-Mouth is yet to tell the public how much was involved in the fanfare of deceit to regain their customers

Una well done oooo  

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